Top 3 etiquette tips for your dog at the dog park

Top 3 etiquette tips for your dog at the dog park

Teaching your Labrador dog key skills so that he will have a good dog park experience is essential. At a minimum, ensure that you can call your dog to you and ask him to cool down. You will feel (and be) more in control of a trip to the dog park.

Rude greeting skills

Introductions are very important and make a big difference in how your Labrador dogs will get along. Letting your dog go charging up to a dog that has just entered the dog park is rude. The new dog is possibly anxious, studying its new environment and level of safety, so your dog running full speed towards the new dog might cause an instant fight.

It's up to us humans to guide our Labrador dog to make courteous introductions to other dogs. Knowing what's polite in the dog world and exactly what is not, and being able to help your Labrador to be a courteous pooch is important to have good experiences at a dog park.

Keeping dogs on leashes inside an off-leash area

Putting a dog on any kind of leash in an off-leash dog park is not a good idea. New dog owners generally feel more secure having their dog on a leash, believing that it'll be much easier to control a Labrador dog whose quirks and reactions they haven't quite figured out yet. However, a dog on leash is basically a tripping hazard, especially when the leashed dog starts to play.



Stay only if your dog is having fun

Visits to the dog park have to be flexible. If your dog isn’t enjoying the experience, or other dogs are becoming uncontrollable, you have to leave, whether or not you’re prepared to leave. On the other hand, if your dog is having a great time, you might want to stay a bit longer.

As far as every dog is playing nice and the dogs have been properly socialized, your Labrador dog needs to have a good time, even if he has to be put in her place by a dog that does not wish to play with him. It’s all part of learning to play cool with each other -- and its good dog park etiquette.