Top 5 ways to house train your Labrador

Top 5 ways to house train your Labrador

Top 5 ways to house train your Labrador

Training Labrador dogs can be pretty exciting and fun. Remember, Labrador dog breeds are very smart and intelligent; making training them a stroll in the park. When training them, you get to correct every bad habit that your Labrador dog may develop later on in their lifetime.

Are you looking to train your Labrador dog into a hunting partner or a police tracking and detection assistant? Then, this post is for you. Let's look at five ways you can house train your Labrador dogs.

Understand your dog: When seeking dog training techniques for your Labrador dog, it is essential you vividly understand them and have a lot of information regarding the breed. Labrador dogs are smart and intelligent, never forget that they learn quickly too. Make use of that opportunity to teach and groom them to your taste.

Be disciplined: Never be complacent in training your Labrador dog. Always be firm with the decisions you make in regards to how you train your dog. Shouting at your Labrador dog has never been effective when training this breed. Use a rather firm voice in commanding them. Labrador dogs are very sensitive to how you sound when passing them instructions.

Correct them immediately they go wrong: When your Labrador dog does something you don't like, make sure you reprimand them seconds after they commit the offense. Failure to do so makes the dog feel it did the right thing. Never postpone punishment and never beat up your dog. Remember this!

Reward your dog: One effective method in Labrador dog training techniques is to reward them when you feel they deserve it. Labrador dog breeds like to eat a lot and are highly motivated by food. Use that to your advantage when training them.

Distract them: If you find out that your Labrador dog picks and barks at passers and other dogs, distract them before they can launch the attack. Simply stomping your foot on the ground or firmly calling their names can help cut them off their thoughts and bring them to control.