About US

My Happy Labrador was inspired by my black lab, Cleo
I love my Labrador! I wanted to create a community for pet parents who are passionate about their Labrador dog. My Happy Labrador provides quality and useful products dog lovers can use to ensure their furry creatures are happy and enjoy their doggie life.
I’ve been blessed to be Cleo’s doggie parent since she was a small puppy.  Cleo’s a quirky and fun-loving dog that’s always happy!  In her younger years, Cleo would walk hours around the city exploring (or I’d say smelling) every last spot! Through all of the seasons, Cleo loved to fetch and jolt around playing with her pals at the dog park.
As the year's pass, the walks become slower as she spends more time sleeping and dreaming about our adventures throughout the years.   Many of my family and friends know that I love my dog!  If I’m having a good and bad day, she’s always smiling and happy to be alive!
My Happy Labrador allows me to share my love and passion for the breed with others who love their furry lab!